Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Do I give up again?

First: I mentioned a new website discovery of mine called "The Hathor Legacy" a few entries back. I'm going to be one of their regular posters now, with posts at least once a week on Friday mornings. I'm starting with a series on rape in Veronica Mars, first entry to appear at some point on Friday.

Second: I've pointed out some of the problems with Studio 60 on my livejournal, and MaggieCat over at The Hathor Legacy covers what I'm about to say pretty well, but I'm wavering on the point of giving up on that, too. I don't have a hell of a lot of time in my life, so a show that's gone from frustrating me with its arrogance to downright offending me should probably be stricken from my list of viewing material. I am stubborn though, so it might take a while.

The latest episode shows Danny, one of our heroes, flat-out stalking Jordan, who is first of all pregnant with another man's baby and second of all his boss. In the Christmas episode, he issued this statement of intent that he was "coming for her" that I'm baffled to believe Sorkin intended to be romantic, but that really came off as a "run far, far away now" warning coming out of Danny's own lecherous mouth. In this first one back after the break, we see him calling her repeatedly, changing his number so that she will answer when she starts rejecting his calls, asking her out many times despite her very firm, clear "no", and soliciting reference letters from his famous and powerful friends in order to convince her. I'm not sure how he got those reference letters, given that he was recently a practicing cocaine addict, but more importantly: what. the. fuck. The first three are bad enough in any context; the last is heinous given her professional position, which, let us not forget, is not only this man's boss, but also that of a woman struggling to be taken seriously in a man's world (not that she's being helped in that regard by Sorkin's insisting on making comedy out of ridiculing how much she eats during her pregnancy).

She gives Danny a very intelligent and clear speech at the end of the episode, in which she outlines exactly why that is inappropriate and embarrassing. He apologizes for embarrassing her--I commented on MaggieCat's post that it comes off as one of those non-apology apologies, in which what he really means is "I'm sorry you feel that way, but I honestly don't understand what I've done wrong". That's borne out when she asks him to stop, and he looks at her thoughtfully and intently for a moment before saying "No." I really think that not only are we supposed to think this is charming and romantic and represents devotion that tells us their love will last till the stars turn cold, but that Jordan's moment of being an intelligent and professional woman in this regard is going to be altogether too brief. Something in the next episode is going to make her swoon and be won over by Danny's bullshit, and that's pretty much the point at which this show stops being something I watch out of the hope of possibly enjoying it and starts being something I look to hoping to find a rant.

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